Roger Federer is 41 years old, what happens next?

Roger Federer is 41 years old
Roger Federer is 41 years old

Roger Federer celebrates his 41 birthday on Monday 8 August

He was born on 1981 / 08 / 08, and Roger Federer is 41 years old now and will make it exactly on Monday 8 August…

The tennis legend Roger Federer has not played a single match for almost 13 months since his exit from Wimbledon against Hurkacz due to an injury in his right knee.

It’s expected that Roger Federer will be back on the Tennis court later in September in Laver Cup 2022 which is hosted in London to team up with the big four (Nadal, Djokovic, Murray) for the first time in their career.

Roger Federer is 41 years old now, and He is out of ATP Ranking for the first time since He started playing Tennis, but The Swiss man aims to come back to play and compete in big tournaments, Can Federer do that really?

Roger Federer is 41 years old, what will happen next?

Roger Federer is 41 years old
Roger Federer is 41 years old

Roger Federer was the only player to be asked about his age among top players just because he is the older of them, as this debate started when he was 30 years old and the question of retirement was following him. and now Roger Federer turns 41 years old and the media will do its best to seek his retirement once again.

Roger Federer’s age and retirement questions were answered by him, as He mentioned that age is just a number for him and as long He feels good and moves well He will still play Tennis at the top level.

“I really do not think age is a problem for me, and it is just a number, but that means I need to be aware and wise in making my plans and schedules, and that depends on what my goals are every season like I did in the past years, and what are my priorities of course.”

“As an expectation, I don’t have to play the way I used before as I have to manage my schedules well, as a result, I don’t have to play every tournament. I do really enjoy the practice session. although traveling is quite hard I don’t mind. but with my team and the support, they give me everything is possible,”

“In the end, I can see that my parents are so much happy and proud of me because I am still playing, they love watching me playing in big tournaments, and that makes me feel better and to do my best.”

Roger Federer is 41 years old
Roger Federer is 41 years old

Although Roger Federer is 41 years old the age is still a number for him, and what’s important is his body and how much He can play and compete against big players.

The Roger Federer laver cup 2022 event will take place from September 23 to 25. and it’s the first stop of Roger Federer after his comeback to the Tennis world.

The 20 Grand Slam winner Roger Federer plans to ATP Swiss Indoors 500, and He has plans for the rest of the season and 2023 as well.