Roger Federer Logo – everything you should know about it

Roger Federer Logo
Roger Federer Logo

The meaning of the Roger Federer Logo

Roger Federer’s Logo is the famous symbol that made the swiss tennis player known as it’s a combination of his first name and family name “R” and “F”.

The Roger Federer logo was the first time created with NIKE and when they ended their collaboration with Federer they kept the Logo with them for almost 2 years, Roger Federer got his logo back in December 2020 and it will be on his property.

Roger Federer had a new deal with the Japanese brand Uniqlo in the middle of 2018 exactly at Wimbledon with a deal around $300 million USD and $410 million USD including additional benefits.

In this article we will answer:

  • Who created Roger Federer Logo? and When?
  • What is the meaning of the Roger Federer Logo?

Let’s Go, and see!

Roger Federer Logo
Roger Federer Logo

The Creation of Roger Federer’s Logo

Roger Federer’s logo was created in 2006 and was designed by Dael Brasil regarding closer resources of NIKE as the designer was not in front of the lights of the media in the past years.

The Logo of Roger Federer first appeared at the Wimbledon Championship in 2006, then later it was printed on all his clothes and became a brand for Roger Federer’s merchandise and Sponsorship

What is the meaning of the Roger Federer Logo?

The meaning of Roger Federer is very simple as it’s a combination of Roger Federer’s name with 2 first letters “R” and “F” and they build the perfect symbol as you can in the Picture on the top page.

What does Roger Federer say about his Logo?

Roger Federer Logo
Roger Federer Logo

Roger Federer got his Logo back and He was so happy about that, same as for his fans, and a very recent interview with UNIQLO, here is what Roger Federer said about his “RF” Logo

“The logo Idea came through a conversation I had with my wife Mirka, We thought We needed a logo. at the time initials were not that popular quite yet, it was more symbols. The one we created way back when was very similar to this one.

“it also had the floating “R” with the floating “F” and it’s very light, I think it’s very elegant. The Logo has evolved, in the beginning, it was a more personal statement, and then it became more of a logo for the fans, as We in Tennis don’t have a number or the name on the back”

“it was a way for me to connect to the fans, and really feel that sense of community, The RF logo means so much to me, I wear it with a lot of pride, I am so happy that it is here, that’s it’s alive, that’s going to hopefully make a lot of people happy because it certainly makes me extremely happy, and I wanted people to know that.” Roger Federer told Uniqlo


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