Whenever I win Halle I play well at Wimbledon, Says Federer

Whenever I win Halle I play well at Wimbledon, This was Federer’s word after the win at Halle

Roger Federer just won his 102nd title and his 10th title in Halle in a preparation for Wimbledon

as result of this win, Halle becomes the most tournament won by Federer in his career.

and a race is already on from Federer when He claimed the club of the 100th title.

and He’s now only 7 titles behind Jimmy Connors as the record of most winning titles in history.

The Swiss player mentioned in the interview that He didn’t think He would win

the tournament again, and it only came with thinking about the match to match until reaching the final

The 10th times Halle winner also mentioned this year was not like before it was very competitive.

“Most important is I know I’m injury-free. I’m going to have a couple of days off I guess

and then get ready once I’m going to be at Wimbledon practising again.”

“But for now I’m going to enjoy this one, rest up a little bit, and then look forward to the rest.”

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Roger Federer admitted whenever He wins Halle He plays well at Wimbledon

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It was very clear whenever Federer won Halle He played very well at Wimbledon

“Every time I’ve won in Halle, I went on to play really well at Wimbledon,” Federer told the ATP.

“It’s never a guarantee of course, but I’ve been on the Tour for long enough to know what it means.

“[It’s the] first time ever I could win a title 10 times in one place, so it’s obviously a very special moment in my career.”

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