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Rafael Nadal: Wimbledon seeding disrespect me

Rafael Nadal: Wimbledon seeding disrespect me
Rafael Nadal: Wimbledon seeding disrespect me
Rafael Nadal reveals Wimbledon seeding disrespect him for taking him to the 3rd seed

After making another win in Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal will not play any event

until Wimbledon, to be going with big confident after claiming the title number 12 in Roland Garros

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However, the result is, Wimbledon takes on the ranking of results of the last 12 month on grass

on the point Roger Federer won Halle title He went up to be seeded N 2 in Wimbledon

and Rafael Nadal will be the 3rd seed besides Kevin Anderson just after him in 4 seed.

otherwise, The Spaniard was not happy and criticised Wimbledon ranking process

Nadal talked about this issue with Movistar plus, most importantly He mentioned

that only Wimbledon makes this, and it doesn’t look respectful for what players do.

especially the seeding as Nadal mentioned ” Wimbledon seeding disrespected me”

“I think it’s the usual thing, Wimbledon is the only tournament of the year that they do

what they want in that sense, with their own criteria. The only thing that does not seem

right to me about this story is that it is only Wimbledon that does it, only one tournament.”

“It has not only happened to me, but it has also happened to other players. They do not respect

the status that some players have earned throughout the season.” Nadal said

As a result, Nadal will be in the completing draw and He may face Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic in the S-Finals.