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Tsitsipas says Federer and bryans get privileges

Tsitsipas says Federer and bryans get privileges

Stefanos Tsitsipas was playing the doubles final in Miami against the bryans and in a point

when Bryans decided to challenge after losing that point after few time left,

It’s not from Tennis rules but sometimes the umpires got to deal with it. with it seemed that

Tsitsipas has big issues with some feelings with Roger as well when He said to the umpire that Bryans

and Roger get priviliges alot.

“Why are you giving them privileges like you do with Roger [Federer]?”

Stefanos is just started his career and had a little popularity after defeating Roger in the AusOpen

but that means nothing He’s still a starter and need to respect who got impossible records for him.

Roger and the bryans both have big records really legends in their part, Roger for singles and bryans in doubles


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