This is what Roger Federer said about facing Isner

This is what Roger Federer said about facing Isner

Roger Federer will face John Isner in the final of Miami where is Isner is trying to defend his title

The Swiss player expecting a tough match against Isner and compares the penalties with

Isner’s serve in Tennis and will be the goolie and try to get as many balls as He can

“I honestly love big servers, to watch them, [to see] if they’re going to ace every second or third point.

For me, that’s exciting because it’s like a penalty shootout in [football], it’s just in tennis,”

I’ll be the goalie on Sunday. I’ll try my very best. I’ll try to get as many balls back as possible.”

“I know what to expect – that he will not miss many serves. He’s got an amazing serve.

One of the best in the game, forever. It’s really hard to play against him, Hopefully we’ll have

a good match, I’m excited to play John because he really had a tough match against Felix today.

That was an awesome performance by him.” Roger said

The Match will take place at 6:00pm GMT


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