This is what Rafael Nadal will do for opponents research

Rafael Nadal reveals a new secret of his research about his opponents that He will watch Youtube videos

The Spaniard won his first match in Roland Garros over Yannick Hanfmann in straight sets.

When you meet a player for the first time you do not expect what He can do, you don’t know his abilities

for that many players just visited youtube to see how the player is what are his weapons

to make plans for the match in order to take the match without troubles,

in this case Rafael Nadal admitted He’ll be using Youtube for doing his research

for his up-coming opponents So that He take the match before it’s time and not to spend few

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games just to learn the way How the opponent plays and what He can do

“Well, being honest, I saw play Yannick last year in Munich against Zverev. So I remember a little bit [of] that,” Rafa said

“And then today with YouTube you can find things. I saw some highlights of his matches, and you have an idea.

“Of course is different when you never played before. You can create an idea about what he does, no?

“And that’s what I did. Just research a little bit on YouTube and with some videos and for after tomorrow gonna be the same for me personally.

“But at the end of the day, for me is about to play well myself and knowing a little bit the opponent helps.”

Rafa will face another German qualifier in the 2nd Round of the tournament later