Roger Federer talks about the injury update after R1 win

Roger Federer was forced to withdraw from Rome due to his right leg

In Rome Federer talked to his coach Ivan Ljubicic and decided not to play for his safety

and to be ready for the big even in Paris.

The Swiss defeated Sonego in the Round 1 and said He’s 100% ready for playing the French Open

“I woke up stiff and had some back and leg stuff. And I just didn’t want to take a chance,”

“When Ivan came to the room I said how do you feel? I was like ‘OK’. And like ‘remember the priority is the French Open’.”

“I was like yes I can play one match. But I really didn’t want to have a major setback and I want to be 100% for the French Open.”

“I knew if I pulled the plugin Rome, which I really never do, I thought we will do this one time in my career and take a precautionary move.”

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“That’s why I’m 100% now, I’m totally fine. I was a bit worried if I played a brutal match against

Tsitsipas that I would lose days, weeks and it would drag into another. I know that when you get older”

problems stay around for much longer so I have to be very careful. It was a tough decision for me.” Federer added

The 20 Grand Slam winner will face the german player Oscar Otte in the 2nd Round of the tournament on Wednesday

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