This is what Mark Philippoussis said about Roger Federer

Mark Philippoussis reveals how surprised He’s with Roger Federer career’s achievement

The Australian Tennis player Mark Philippoussis who played the final of Wimbledon

in 2003 against Roger Federer when He won his first Grand Slam title, is surprised

with what Federer achieved in records and fans support all over the world

Mark had an interview with Amazon Prime where He expressed his oppinion

about his former opponent and compared him with how Roger broke the latest era records.

Mark Philippoussis: I think we all knew he had Grand Slams in him and to be number one in the world.”

“But did we think he’s going to win 20 Slams and to still be around at 37, in contention for Grand Slams?”

“It is unbelievable. If you said that to me, I would have said there is no way in the world.”

“Back when we were playing, Sampras had 14 Grand Slams and we thought that is not going

to be beaten for a long time. Not only has that been beaten, but it’s also been beaten three times. “

“I never thought Federer would be the champion he is but I’m incredibly grateful to have

had the opportunity to play against him. Unfortunately, it was against me in the first one. “

I would have loved to have gotten one if I knew he was going to have another 19.” Mark Said

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