This is what Roger Federer said after winning 10th Halle

This is what Roger Federer said after winning 10th Halle
This is what Roger Federer said after winning 10th Halle

Roger Federer says He never thought He’ll win the 19th titles in Halle as a big record

Roger Federer defeated David Goffin in straight sets 7-6 / 6-1 to touch the title

for the 10th time in his career to be the most tournaments won by Federer with 10 titles.

The Swiss man named this victory as a ‘Special Moment’ for a lifetime record for him once again

“It’s amazing. For some reason, I didn’t think I was going to make it anymore,”

“Didn’t think of it much. I just thought match-for-match because of the second round

and quarters were so tough that I never thought about how it would feel if I won and now it’s a reality.

“[It’s the] first time ever I could win a title 10 times in one place, so it’s obviously a very special moment in my career.”

besides that Roger Federer talked about his opponent David and gave him the credit He deserves

“He was the better player for probably the first 10 games of the match. He had more chances.

David had big chances, too, His level might have dropped just a tiny bit, but it was tough

to play with the shadows, it’s a fast court. David of course also had a great week, so clearly

he was feeling it from the baseline. But I was able to tough it out and at the end I was able

to really play some great tennis, so I couldn’t be happier right now.” Federer said

“Then I played really good tie-break. I was able to run away with the lead getting the break

early on in the second and I think that maybe calmed down my nerves.” Roger added

Roger Federer will be now the Number 2 seeded player in Wimbledon taking on Rafael Nadal from his place in Wimbledon ranking only.