Tennis Fans mocked Rafael Nadal tactic

After the win against Matteo Berrettini, some fans mocked up Rafael Nadal for his tactic.

Rafael Nadal is one of the players who play perfectly from the baseline and that

is a game style for him since He played Tennis on Grass, Clay, and hard courts.

during his match against Matteo Berrettini Nadal used to return the serve

far behind the baseline and yet closer to the umpire, and this is a tactic Rafa make against big serve players.

Rafael Nadal is ‘out of control’ - fans mock Spaniard for US Open tactics vs Berrettini
(Image: AMAZON PRIME) / Tennis Fans mocked Rafael Nadal tactic
For that, some fans mocked up Rafael Nadal and posted this picture in Social media,

besides that, they posted comments showing how they don’t agree with this tactic,

Here are the comments posted on Social Media about Nadal’s return.

“Nadal’s return position is a deadset joke mate”

“Haven’t watched a lot of tennis recently. But where @RafaelNadal is standing for this guy serve is out of control!”

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“Nadal will stand in New Jersey if that’s what it takes to return this guy’s serve”

“Nadal might as well come into my living room to return.”

“If you aren’t watching the US Open, TURN IT ON! Berrettini has Nadal against the back wall (literally) trying to return Berrettini’s serves”

“Nadal standing at never-neverland trying to return Berrettini serve.

Tennis Fans mocked Rafael Nadal tacticEmbed from Getty Images

Tennis Fans mocked Rafael Nadal tactic

After the problem happened between Nadal and Kyrgios about the underarm serve,

a fan mentioned the issue and here is what He said about it.

“Can someone other than @NickKyrgios throw @RafaelNadal an underhand serve while he’s standing in the back forty?

After all, It’s still an opinion of Tennis fans but the fact no one can deny is this is Rafael Nadal style and He’s good at it.

Rafael Nadal will face Daniil Medvedev tonight at 09:00 pm GMT.

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