Rafael Nadal reveals the dangerous of Medvedev

Rafael Nadal reveals how Daniil Medvedev dangerous is after a great run.

The Spaniard passed the Italian Matteo Berrettini in straight sets to reach the final.

Nadal is aware of the players He faced since Schwartzman match and how He pushed him

to his limits after playing a stunning match in the Q-Finals.

Daniil Medvedev is playing his best Tennis as He reaches the 3rd consecutive final after Rogers Cup,

and He could take Cincinnati Title after taking Djokovic out of his way.

Rafael Nadal reveals the dangerous of Medvedev Embed from Getty Images

Rafael Nadal admitted that the Russian is one of the most solid players on the tour,

and He’s making his way to the top step by step and look forward to facing him.

“He is making steps forward every week and has had an amazing summer.

The World Number 2 also mentioned that Medvedev will be the toughest opponent

He will face in the US Open and He must play his best tennis to get the trophy.

“He will be the toughest opponent so I need to be playing my best,” Rafa said

Rafael Nadal reveals the dangerous of Medvedev Embed from Getty Images
From the other side, Daniil Medvedev admitted that Nadal ate him in their first meeting,

and Nadal had more energy than him and He was going down while Rafa was playing well.

“Then he was only going harder, harder, faster, stronger, and I was only going down.

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“It’s great that I have this experience playing him in the final of a Masters. I know what to expect. I know how to prepare for it.”

As results, The Russian knows what He has to do against Nadal, and Rafa praised Daniil and mentioned him as a dangerous player, the final only will judge these two big stars tomorrow night.

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