Roger Federer Talking About 2020 Season

Since 2012 and Roger Federer is been asked 10s times about his retirement when? Where?

last year many people believed that 2019 could be Roger’s last season and He’ll end it

Roger Federer always saying that He’s enjoys playing and will keep playing for this purpose

The Swiss man is planning for next season as well and to try new tournaments from Asia,

South America and Africa.

“My goal is to continue and I plan next season, I would love to try new tournaments

in South America and Asia, although my great hope would be to play in Africa,” Roger said

Besides that The 20 Grand Slam titles confirmed that He’ll be playing 2020 as well

because of the age, He’s not playing all tournaments but He wants to try more tournaments

watch Roger Federer Press Conference before Indian Wells

that He did not play in his career, It’s big thing for Federer fans the more He plays the more it’s good for all tennis fans.

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