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Roger Federer Press Conference before Indian Wells

Roger Federer Press Conference before Indian Wells
Roger Federer Press Conference before Indian Wells

Roger Federer at the age of 37 and in the 21 Years as Professional Tennis player is still enjoying Tennis

Federer is still making history with passion and joy of playing Tennis as He never gave up

Roger had some downs and ups in his career but most times He comeback stronger than ever

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About the 100th, last week Federer won his 100th Title in his career to be the 2nd player winning title,

with 9 titles down to be the 1st player winning titles in tennis history.

“The 100 only really came into the conversation when I reached like 98 (Stuttgart, Germany)

or 99 (Basel, Switzerland) last year. Then what you don’t want to have is having to speak

about it every single week, like ‘Do you think the 100 is going to happen here?’ And I’m like

, ‘Yeah, I hope so, but we’ll see.’ You could do that for months and months and months so

that’s why I”m just happy it’s over, not that it was a burden.”

The Century Man is the name that Roger is identified after winning Dubai Duty Free Tennis

For Health, Roger Federer made jokes by talking about his health and how He could walk after his matches

“You can make jokes like, ‘I can’t believe I’m still walking after so many matches,

I’m sure funny names will always pop up especially with social media nowadays. ” Federer laughing

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Includin Retirement, Roger is still playing great Tennis and happy with that besides the support

He has wherever He moves, That’s for him a big part of why He’s still playing

“They’ve been terrific and that I’m still playing today, they’re a big part of the reason why

I’m still going, I still feel like I have home court advantage anywhere I go and that’s a massive privilege.” Federer laughing

About The Haircut, Whenever Federer makes a haircut everybody mention it as it’s beauty

also in the press conference Roger had been asked about and He joked that He wants to change it

to take more chances with the new hairstyle

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“Of course, I see the haircut change,” For sure, I think that strikes me the most. I would’ve

liked to have taken more chances with the hairstyles but at the end, toward the second part

of my career, I was happy with the hairstyle I had and just kept it that way.” Roger laughing for what He said.

The Swiss Man will play his first match in Indian Wells this Sunday as the time is still not mentioned yet.


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