Roger Federer responds to retirement rumours after the French Open

After Roger announced playing Roland Garros in January many people thought that the end is near for Federer

Recently, some people talked about the french open and it’s potentiel to be the last tournament

for Roger Federer in the tour, and He had already replied to that

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The 37 years old heard some fans asking him if He wants to make fairstyle in Roland Garros

and set to explain the point that He may comeback next year to Paris and that depends

on his success this season in the clay event and in the rest of season as well.

“I heard this after my announcement in Australia,”

“This is not the idea. I made this decision for this year.

“At my age, with everything going on, I do not know what’s next,” Federer told Le Equipe

Last year Roger Federer admitted He did not prepare well for Wimbledon because of playing

2 full weeks in Stuttgart and Halle which was not good for him, but this year

He’s playing only Halle and mixed it with Roland Garros for hope for good momentum

“Perhaps. But I don’t come back for that, it’s the second or third reason that motivated my decision,”

“The first reason was the desire to find the clay, so Roland Garros and spectators” Roger added

after these comments from Roger Federer, He made a wall for the rumours which were asked

and shared between some Tennis Fans.