Justine Henin explains why Roger Federer is still playing

The former women world number 1 Justine Henin revealed why Roger Federer is still participating in the tour

Roger Federer is 37 years old now and close to the 38 and his competing for the french open

after 3 years of skipping it.

The Swiss just won his 101 titles this years in Miami to be 2nd player winning titles in history

just after Jimmy Conors who has 109 titles, and for a chance to get closer to him

Henin who has 4 titles in Roland Garros admitted that Roger Federer could deal

with a smart way with injuries which allowed him to strength his legacy in Tennis

“He is very intelligent, that’s for sure because he knows how to handle the different aspects,” Henin told Le Equipe.

“He has the talent but he has worked hard and smart also to improve with maturity.”

“I think he was able to control his emotions and find a very good balance in his family life, professionally and with his friends.

“He is a very relaxed person, it helps him to last longer. And finally, he did not have many injuries and that’s why he’s still here today.”

“There is this little magical thing because he is able to make decisions at the right time and that makes him very special.”

Roger Federer himself explained why He cameback to Roland Garros for a chance

to get better results and enjoying the tournament

“I like slipping, cushioning, riding at odds, playing with angles and to see the fans I have not seen here,” Federer said