Roger Federer Press Conference before the Clash Vs Nadal

Roger Federer Press Conference before the Clash Vs Nadal
Roger Federer Press Conference before the Clash Vs Nadal

It’s only 1 day left for the big clash against Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

If you want to win a tournament on Clay then diffentely you need to face

Rafael Nadal in any stage or face a player who defeated him, that became

a rule on Clay season, that was a point of view from Federer comment after

winning his epic match against Stan Wawrinka in the Q-Finals of Roland Garros

Tomorrow is the day when Federer will face Nadal in the semi-finals for a place

in the final, both players met in the Semi-finals of RG only once in 2005

and Roger did not have a win over Nadal in Roland Garros at all, that’s why

this match makes a great chance for him to make this happen after more than

14 years of rivalry between both players and especially in Roland Garros

Roger Federer went to the press after his Q-Finals and mentioned some points

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ahead of his match against the man who won 11th titles in the French Open

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” I definitely got nothing to lose, I will try it, let‘s see what happens For me  

to get to Rafa is not simple. It took five matches here for me to win to get

there. That’s why I’m very happy to play Rafa, because if you want to do

or achieve something on the clay, inevitably, at some stage, you will go

through Rafa, because he’s that strong and he will be there. I knew that

when I signed up for the clay that hopefully, that’s gonna happen. If I

would have had a different mindset to avoid him, then I should not have

played the clay. So I think by that mindset, I think it helped me to play so

well so far this tournament.” Roger Federer said

Roger Federer is a play who has a big experience and no doubts He knows what He’s really doing.