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This is what Toni Nadal said about Nadal and Federer Match

This is what Toni Nadal said about Nadal and Federer Match
This is what Toni Nadal said about Nadal and Federer Match

Only one day left for the big clash and comments are a lot about the match this time Toni Nadal reveals his thoughts about the match

Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni was always the reason for a big success of Rafael

through all the years they spent together and the number of titles they won

together in Roland Garros and also other tournaments where they had incredible

records, The Uncle always had a wall in his career with Rafael who’s the Swiss

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Roger Federer who was always a big wall in his nephew Rafa, He admits many

Times that Nadal and Federer had a great rivalry and they improved their games

Talking about Roland Garros Semi-Finals Toni believes that Federer will be all

attacking in the match because He can’t handle how Rafa is good in playing

on Clay, for that Roger will try not to go in long rallies and fight from the baseline

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“Rafa must prevent Roger from attacking him all the time,” Toni said.

“Federer, with the age he is, I understand, will try to force a quick game

in which there is not much exchange of punches.”

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“If Rafael agrees to the contrary, although I recognize that it is not easy

to find weaknesses to one of the best players in history.”

“Rafael is making a Roland Garros quite complete,”

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Toni Nadal also reveals that Nadal is playing a very good tournament and did not

face any troubles untill facing the big challenge in the semi-finals with Federer

“He played good first rounds, I was at the game against David Goffin, in

which he lost a set. Not by mistake, I think, but because he subtracted a bit badly.

“My opinion is that Rafael is playing a high level since the Rome tournament,

which changed everything for him, and that level is still maintained.” Toni Added

Rafael Nadal Vs Roger Federer the match who makes everyone take wrong predictions is taking place tomorrow time to announce later