Rafael Nadal responds to Federer’s respectful comment

Rafael Nadal responds to Federer's respectful comment
Rafael Nadal responds to Federer's respectful comment

Roland Garros semi-final is going to be a big match and both players are ready for the match

Recently, Roger Federer said after defeating Wawrinka in a big match that He

came to Clay just to face Rafael Nadal and praised him by saying if you want to win

title on Clay you have to go through Nadal to do it. showing the value Federer

is giving Nadal for what He did in the past years and the title He won

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The 11th time Roland Garros champion had another point of view and doesn’t

think that Federer came back to Clay just to face him because He’s a complete

Player that was the reason He came Back to the Clay season.

“I don’t think it is true if he is back, it is because he is a player that is

complete on all surfaces.”

“He came back on clay because he’s a player who is comprehensive, who

plays well on all surfaces, And on clay, he has good chances of winning.” Rafa said

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“One thing is that he feels physically ready. He’s coming back because he wants to do so.

“And if he feels in good shape physically, well, he should not leave out a main part of the season.

“That’s his main reason. It’s going to be a very special match for him, for

me, and so it’s always been special matches. But here it’s going to be even

more specific, more particular, an important match, indeed. He will be

ready to give his best, and I will be there, too.” The Spaniard added to the press

It seems like every player is trying to praise his rival showing a big respect

which should be learnt by some players from the new generation of Tennis

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