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Rafael Nadal praises his rivals Federer and Djokovic

Rafael Nadal praises his rivals Federer and Djokovic
Rafael Nadal praises his rivals Federer and Djokovic

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, And Novak Djokovic are the rivals who fight to improve their games

This Friday all eyes on the big match between two great rivals Roger Federer

and Rafael Nadal for a place in the Final of Roland Garros 2019 season

Nadal praised his both rivals Federer and Djokovic for playing such great

matches and making fans enjoying in order to improve the quality of Tennis

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“Things are rolling smoothly so I want to enjoy all these opportunities,” Nadal said.

“I have this chance of living special moments in the history of our sport.

“I think of having played so many times against Novak, two weeks ago in Rome.

“Playing again Roger in the semi-finals. These are moments for which we are working

on a daily basis and for which we get prepared for the best we can.” Nadal said

“Beyond the fact of winning or not. We really want to be competitive and fight and to enjoy that.”

But what can one get from losing to a rival in a major tournament.

“The merit I think is in the desire, the passion and the passion for what we’re doing,”

“I think in my case, even more than in his case, after all the problems I have faced

also Rafael Nadal “I’m satisfied”

and what keeps the flame alive is the desire.” The Spaniard added

Rafa wants to invest in this opportunity to play as long as his body can handle

He knows his limits that’s Rafa Nadal is playing smart in last 2 years, quick shots

finish points quickly, in Rome Final Rafa just played one of his best match in 2019

and that is the power of Rafael Nadal on Clay and generally in Tennis.

Respect is something very important in every sport, in Tennis these 3 guys

are just awesome, the way they treat each other is unbelievable , that’s what

makes people love them even more,