Roger Federer “Murray should be proud”

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Many players talked about Andy Murray’s retirement, now It’s
Roger Federer who joined them

The 37 years old was very attached with this as He mentioned

it hits him hard

‘‘Of course, I’ve seen Andy struggling you know with his hip and with

his fitness for quite some times.

‘‘You want somebody to go there and feel like he’s happy to retire.

The problem is it’s not his decision, it’s the body’s decision and that naturally hurts.’’

‘‘I mean, he won Wimbledon, he won the Oympics, became world No 1.

Is that unlucky? I don’t know. I always said you can have great careers,

you can have great careers side by side. Maybe from Aussie stand point,

yes he’s been unlucky because he made five finals here [in Melbourne]

and never won one. But that’s why I think he will also be even more

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loved you know because he maybe didn’t make it here.

‘‘But I don’t think he will say or that we should say that he’s been unlucky,

I think he’s worked extremely hard and when he got to world No. 1

or he won all those big event that he did, totally deserved them …

he put in the workload and he’s an extremely talented player as well.’’

The Swiss Man added

“made Scotland proud I feel like he left everything out there. There

was never any doubts there. And I think he should be very proud even

though he was extremely sad in the press conference and you know,

you don’t want to see that.”

‘‘Last year I also came in not expecting to defend again. In a way I also

feel again, you know, it’s totally up for grabs again. I don’t think you

can put me massive favourite. If you can put anybody as a big favourite,

I think it would be Novak or Rafa if he’s, you know, fully fully fit.

You know, but only the first couple of matches will show where

his level’s at. To my side, I just hope to be in the mix when it comes

down the stretch.’’

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