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Roger Federer “I don’t have fairytale ending “

Roger Federer talks about retirement
Written by Tennis Shot

Roger Federer wherever He goes you find the big percentage of the crowd

with him, well that’s something who every player wants to have big fans.

Recently Andy Murray announced that it could be his last week in Tennis,

Roger Federer mentioned that He doesn’t have a fairytale ending

but all He wants to leave the court healthy.

“I have a lot of places that are very special to me, thankfully,

I’ve been very fortunate. But yeah, sure, like a Wimbledon stands

out as maybe a place.

“I don’t have the fairytale ending in my head saying it has to be another

title somewhere and then I have to announce it big, I don’t have to have

it that way.”

“I think there is expectation from the media (that) it all has to end so perfectly.

I’ve given up on that a long time ago,”

“As long as I’m healthy and I’m enjoying myself, I know it’s going to be

emotional anyway… it should be a happy celebration day, not like a sad

funeral type of day.”

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It seems like Roger Federer does not want to give a specific date or place

where He want to end his career also maybe He doesn’t like to talk about

retirement like He mentioned in a previous interview last year

also Roger Federer “I will give it all I have”

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