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Roger Federer against Djokovic’s opinion about Kermode

Roger Federer against Djokovic's comment about Kermode
Finally, Roger Federer says his opinion and against what Novak Djokovic said about the decision
of ending Kermode’s period as ATP Tour boss 

It’s not so long that Novak Djokovic came up with comments about the ATP Tour

Mr.Kermode and believes the tour needs a new change by ending the current term of him

“He did contribute to the sport’s growth, no doubt. It was decided in our governing

structure that it’s time for us to look into new leadership on the tour.” Djokovic said

but Roger Federer comes across that and He does not think the tour boss needs to be changed

Roger tried to meet Novak during the last week before the tournament but in some ways

Novak maybe did not want to meet him as He avoided that

“I tried to meet Novak on the deadline (before the meeting), Unfortunately, he had no time. That’s hard to understand for me.”

“He certainly had a lot to do with the whole story. I asked him if he had time to meet me,

it was so busy. He suggested that we see each other the day after but everything was already decided.”

“We have not met yet and the tournament has started.” Federer said

The 20 Grand Slam winner wondering what Kermode did not achieve to be changed this time

“It’s just important that I know why it happened, and what should happen now,”

“I want to know what the motive was. What it is Kermode does not seem to have done well.

I would have tended to be more for him. In the past, there were always situations in

which one had to say, but that was not the case with Kermode. Only politics is in turmoil.” Roger added

Big players always have the effective word, Roger talked with Rafa about the situation

both players are agree to vote for Kermode and should stay on the ATP Tour in same place.

“I also talked to Rafa. We are on the same page, that’s important to him and me. Many were behind Kermode.”

Roger again talked deeply with big words to target many people as He talked about players priorities

for taking different decisions in general

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“Not all have the same priorities. Some think primarily of money, others of the tournament

calendar, others are more concerned with power, that’s always a big story. I still have the feeling

the tour is going well, we have great matches, the prize money went up, the stadiums are full.”

“It is hard for me to express a clear opinion because I am no longer politically active,” Federer said.

“I’m already interested in what’s behind it, why it happened like that.

“I have to think about whether I should get more involved again in the future, for the sake of the tour.”

“Or if I should just get involved a bit instead of going through politics.”

It looks like Federer is going big in this situation and his opinion is clear about Kermode’s issue

Roger Federer is a man with big look He’s not only a Tennis player but He’s the one

who took Tennis to next level to be the 2nd popular sport in the world.


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