Rafael Nadal Shirtless strong body – Exclusive pictures

Rafael Nadal Shirtless strong body
Rafael Nadal Shirtless strong body

Rafael Nadal’s strong body transformation with shirtless

The 22 Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal is known as the strongest Tennis player of all time, as his body is so strong with big muscles from the shoulders to the feet.

Rafael Nadal has had an insane Body Transformation Over the Past and he is now at the level he wants.

For that, in this article We will see:

  • Rafael Nadal shirtless pictures
  • what Roger Federer say about Rafael Nadal’s strong body

Ready, Let’s dive in!

Rafael Nadal Shirtless strong body


What Roger Federer says about Rafael Nadal’s muscles and strong body

Roger Federer is one of the biggest fans of Rafael Nadal’s body and He praised him so many times during their career, as it was clear from his comments and the smile it shows up whenever He talks about Rafael Nadal’s body.

“I don’t understand how I used to wear the extra large, but that’s how we used to dress before, you wanted to think you were big and buff, even when you weren’t yet. Now we look stronger and slimmer because of the way we wear it.

“Look what Rafael Nadal did, when he went from the sleeveless tops and the Capri pants to the more sophisticated look,”

“And you’re like, ‘Oh my God, he looks much more muscular and like he lost weight, but he didn’t do anything,” Federer says in an interview with GQ magazine.

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