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Novak Djokovic responds to Kyrgios attacking words

Novak Djokovic responds to Kyrgios attacking words
Novak Djokovic responds to Kyrgios attacking words

Novak Djokovic says Nick Kyrgios is not really a bad guy even the words He said about him

Nick Kyrgios

in last few weeks Nick attacked Novak Djokovic in hard comments saying

He wants to be loved by the crowd and want to be like Roger Federer in case of support

read Nick Kyrgios not respecting anyone even big players

The Australian had troubles even with Rafael Nadal since their epic match in Acapulco

Nadal reacted that Nick did not respect him with the arm serve, while He said

that’s the way He play and would never care about other’s opinion about his game.

also Nick Kyrgios Trolls Djokovic after losing in Indian Wells

Novak Djokovic

in an interview with the Serbian press Novak talked about Kyrgios comments

and reveals He has full respect for him and doesn’t think He’s really a bad guy

“What can I say to Nick Kyrgios, I really think He’s not really a bad guy,”

“I do not know why he declares all these things, whether he wants to draw attention or some

motive is different – he obviously wants to be honest, open, transparent, that is part of his character.”

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“I respect him, respect anyone, what can I do? I do not have a problem with that,”

“He can speak whatever he wants. Does it show respect as most others point out? No.” Djokovic said

“It’s his own way of communication and relationships, but I really do not think he’s a bad guy.”

“I had the opportunity to meet him before he started off the scramble of public

criticism on my account, even before I was sent to the US openly, I thought, for five years,

offering help, when everyone criticized him for behaviour,” Nole added.

“In the sense that he could contact me if he needs anything because of myself at the beginning

of my career, I suffered a lot of criticism at my own expense and went through similar situations.”

“I do not know, from that moment on, something has changed, that’s it,” Djokovic said

The Serbian spoke wisely and in a respectful way towards Kyrgios ignoring any troubles

Djokovic reacted nicely with the attacking words from The Australian and that’s the purpose of this sport which is Respect.

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