Roger Federer “I feel great to be back to the grass”

Roger Federer "I feel great to be back to the grass"
Roger Federer "I feel great to be back to the grass"

Roger Federer reveals that He is happy to be back to the grass season as it’s his favourite surface.

it’s about 2 weeks when Federer lost to his biggest rival Rafa Nadal in the S-Final

after the long break from the clay season, Federer is feeling good because He did

lost to the best clay-court player ever at Roland Garros, as He mentioned that He

did everything He had in his bag especially in the windy counditions in paris that day.

“I lost against the best clay-court player ever [at Roland Garros], so there is no shame there.”

“sure I tried everything I had in the bag and unbelievably windy conditions. It was really challenging. “

For the Clay is over, and now it’s time for the green surface as It begins with another

challenge for Roger Federer to start another new season in his favourite surface

The 37 years old told the ATP that He’s feeling great to be back to the grass again

and it doesn’t matter with how He played on the clay good or bad, doesn’t affect on grass

“I feel great, to be honest. I am happy to be on the grass, regardless of if I played good or bad on the clay, or if I didn’t play at all,”

“yes, I always feel happy coming to this surface and this part of the season. I have always loved playing here in Halle for so many years.”

“This is my 17th time playing this event. Wimbledon has obviously always been the tournament

of my dreams to play and compete in, let alone win.” Federer told reporters

“Compared to a few years, I’ve had much less time to prepare for the grass-court season.”

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“Not having played the clay before [in 2017 and 2018], I had plenty of time. So,”

“I don’t want to say I feel stressed, but the transition was definitely faster than in the past few years.”

“But it was slower than 10 or 15 years ago when there was no week in between

Paris and Halle when I used to literally arrive from the finals and play a couple of days later. “

“So I’ve had plenty of time in actual fact.” Federer added

Federer won his first match against Millman as a revenge for the US Open match, and He’ll face Tsonga this Thursday at 4:30 pm GMT

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