Novak Djokovic “If only I wasn’t in the same era as Federer and Nadal”

Novak Djokovic talks about himself and his biggest rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

The Serbian won the 1st Slam of the year against Nadal with amazing performance

and now He’s trying to win The double career wins in Grand Slam tournament

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during his press conference Novak talked about being a part of Federer and Nadal era

He mentioned that He might not be grateful to be part of the same era as them

“It was probably the greatest challenge of my career, learning how to win against Federer and Nadal at Grand Slams,”

“In my first three, four, five years I lost most of the matches I played against them.”

“I didn’t really manage to figure things out that early in my career.”

“If you asked me that question I would probably say ‘I am not really grateful to be part of the same era as them’.”

“It’s been a great learning curve for me playing with these guys,” Novak said

also Rafa Nadal “Djokovic is one of the best competitors I faced”

“It still is the same. I still consider these two guys my biggest rivals.”

“I am grateful to be part of the era with them because of the success that I have had,” he added.

“They made me the player that I am and gave me the need to improve to get better to play against these guys.

“Most of my Grand Slam final and semi-final matches were against these guys,” Djokovic added

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic made Tennis a very great and competitive sport

Accept it or not but the day these 3 guys leave the sport there will be a big part of the game

could never be replaced, the question is will Tennis survive without them.

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