This is what Roger Federer said about Williams/Thiem Issue

This is what Roger Federer said about Williams/Thiem Issue
This is what Roger Federer said about Williams/Thiem Issue
Written by Tennis Shot

Dominic Thiem was ejected from the French Open’s main press conference room for that He was not happy with this

The Austrian was sent to room number 2, Thiem was upset and told them He’ll leave also the press

“I don’t really get it. Seriously. What the hell. It’s a joke. What’s the point – I have to leave the room

because she is coming. I’m not a junior player anymore. I will leave also.” Thiem said

Roger Federer was asked about this issue which was clearly shouldn’t happen for a famous player

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“I think there is, with all the players, always a way to go that, the one who is still in the tournament gets priority.

“Anyway, that’s how I see it. If I would have lost today against Mayer, I would let Mayer go first

or decide when he wants to go to press as he’s got the next match. My next match is far, far away.

So that’s just the way you go about it. Now, there must have surely been a misunderstanding

or maybe they should have kept Serena still in the locker room, not waiting here in the press center.”

I don’t know exactly what happened. I understand Dominic’s frustration.”

“For him it’s just about how in the world did this happen? I don’t think he’s mad at Serena or anybody.” Roger said

“I just think it was an unfortunate situation that I thought was funny (and we joked about it just before.”

“That’s why I’m very much aware of what happened, and that’s why we are laughing in the locker room about it now,” Federer added

Roger knows very well how that feels He has more than 1000 press conference in his career

and surely He had faced many troubles and knows many tricky things that players could do.