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Nick Kyrgios not respecting anyone even big players

Nick Kyrgios not respecting anyone even big players

Nick Kyrgios is always a player who’s having troubles with his opponents between respect and disrespect

The australian believes that He does not feel the need to respect his opponents

by saying He just does not need to respect every player who can hit a ball over the net,

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“I don’t know how much respect the others show them but I’m not going to really respect someone

just because they can hit a ball over the net, that’s not enough for me to give them respect,”

That was not enough for him but even He doesn’t give anything to big players

because of giving them best courts and best conditions it’s clear that Nick has serious troubles with them

“Why would I give them an inch? They’ve already got the advantage with always playing on the best

courts in the best conditions, all that sort of stuff, so I don’t know why you would give them inches.

“Obviously what they do for the sport is huge, they inspire millions around the globe. But when

I’m on the court we are competing and I’m not trying to be your friend. I’m not sure why

read This is what Rafael Nadal said after what Nick Kyrgios did

I would go out there and be very respectful of Rafa to get ready for me to serve.” Kyrgios said

No doubt that Kyrgios is a very talented player and has a big future but the way He’s promoting himself

also Nick Kyrgios “I need to be way more disciplined”

is really down of what Tennis knew in history, all hopes to see Kyrgios being a respected man so that He gives respect

that’s all is only to get respect and keep taking Tennis to what big players are taking.

source of kyrgios comments Here


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