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Roger Federer “I forgot what my coach told me”

Roger Federer "I forgot what my coach told me"

Roger Federer admitted that He forgot things that his coach Ivan Ljubicic told him for the match

Federer believes it was a very tested match against Albot as He played a very good match and impressed with it

“I started forgetting things that my coach told me in the mix of things so it got really complicated in my head

“But I was able to pull it off and played some good tennis, and I needed to. I was very much

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tested with Albot, it wasn’t easy He got off to a good start and I struggled early on,

with decision making and getting use to the stadium and the conditions.”

“[The conditions] are the same for him so there is no excuse there but it was just difficult.

“These first rounds are never easy and [Albot] has had a good past few weeks and you could feel it.”

It was clear that Roger was impressed in his first round match against Albot, and wants to go ahead

in the coming rounds for a hope for the 101th title.


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