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Andy Murray’s Mother is impressed with Kyrgios Arm Serve

Andy Murray's Mother is impressed with Kyrgios Arm Serve

Nick Kyrgios added a new serve to his collection that He started playing in Acapulco

First He played it in Acapulco against Rafa Nadal and that was taken by Rafa as it’s lack of respect

Although, Nick Kyrgios kept playing it by saying it’s his game style and do not mind about others opinion

Kyrgios played an underarm ace in Miami, and also played it several times and He got it very well

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and the news came from another side as Andy Murray’s mother Judy was impressed

by Kyrgios underarm serve when She posted a tweet saying that Nick is a genius and She’s surprised

why more players don’t do it, because it’s a style of the game to change from spin to speed to directions

while Kyrgios is in love with his new shot as He mentioned after last monday’s match

“I loved it, I loved every single bit of it. I think the crowd loved it,” nick said

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