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Nick Kyrgios insults a fan with bad word

Nick Kyrgios insults a fan with bad word

It’s just getting worst after calling the umpire as disgrace now Kyrgios saying a bad word to a fan

Nick kyrgios the player who can play unbelievable points a very good player,

but Nick has big issue with his discipline just in Miami He has now 2 problems with this

you can see the first one here Nick Kyrgios calls Umpire as disgrace

this time Nick Kyrgios and during his match against Coric told a fan with a very bad word f***,

Kyrgios pretend that the fan told him something bad and said His haircut is too bad in insulting

way which lead him to respond him that way without any rules and respect

“They paid money to see me play, and they just scream out ridiculous things. I’m just not

going to take it anymore. Doesn’t affect me, but of course I’m going to respond to a fan.

Like, if they say something that I obviously take offense to, like on center court or something

like that, for sure. I’m not going to take it. So I said, ‘F*** you. not needed, but at that time, like,

when you’re competing and in the heat of the moment, it’s probably not what you want to hear.” Kyrgios said

Kyrgios many times yelled on the crowd saying that word We can count Miami 2019 twice – Miami 2017

– Australian Open last year and list is still.

All the hopes for Nick to have a good discpline and see him as big as He deserves.


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