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Will Roger Federer play at Rome?

Will Roger Federer play at Rome?
Will Roger Federer play at Rome?

Roger Federer could play Rome Masters next month as Amazon Prime Commentator said

Catherine Whitaker the Amazon prime presenter believes that Roger may play Rome this year

Although Madrid is the scheduled event for him before the French Open, Roger never won

Rome masters and if He faced an early exit in Madrid then Rome chances for him will be high

so that He’ll have more matches before the 2nd slam of the year.

“We are expecting Roger Federer to take to the court in Madrid and possibly Rome as well.”

“It is going to be very interesting to see how Roger Federer fits into the complexion of this clay court season.”

Former British star Greg Rusedski replied: “I think Madrid is perfect for him because of the altitude and the ball goes quicker.

“It allows him to play his serve and volley sometimes. Usually, that sort of clay court event is not your

typical [one] because of the way the ball flies through the air and Federer is one of the best at.” Whitaker said

It’s clear that Federer may play Rome only if He faces an early exit in Madrid

and the decision is to Roger Federer whether He wants to participate there or not.