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What are the chances of Rafa Nadal in Roland Garros

What are the chances of Rafa Nadal in Roland Garros
What are the chances of Rafa Nadal in Roland Garros

After the bad start of the Clay season, Rafael Nadal finally found his way in his favourite surface

it was not the perfect start for the Spaniard in the Clay season as he faced 3 loses

in all of Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Madrid.

But Rafael Nadal the man who doesn’t know the impossible He finally found his way

to prepare for the big event where He already won 11 titles and looking to break his own record.

last Sunday in Rome’s final Nadal could take his revenge from Djokovic in the Australian Open

by defeating him in tough score with 6-0 / 4-6 / 6-1 and He did not give any chance

for the world number 1 to deal with his game on Clay.

Tennis pundit David Law commented after the match and praised Rafa for his performance

“I agree, he did hurt him, I feel like for him it’s significant, he needed to know that he hurt him.”

“And he hurt him [Djokovic]. I agree, he did hurt him, I think that defeat will sting a bit.”

“The satisfaction and the joy on his face. I feel like that’s one of the most significant titles

for him outside of the slams in recent years. He was beside himself with joy.”

“Nadal is my favourite [French Open] and Djokovic is still my second favourite so I guess nothing”

has changed other than I feel a little more confident in those two things.” Law added

This win will give a big push to the 11 times champion of Roland Garros to defend his title

Rafa looks motivated after the win over Novak and ready for the 2nd event of the year

” I always work with a goal, and the goal is to improve as a player and as a person. Ready for RG “

with Rome results Rafael Nadal will be motivated and excited to play his favourite Slam

in all his career Rafa was always ready and fighting in Roland Garros there is no year

but you find Rafa fighting from the first points of the first round.

The tournament will take place this sunday 26th, May and at that time We can see

How Rafa prepared his plans for the tournament.