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Wawrinka Makes Fun with Andy Murray

Wawrinka Makes Fun with Andy Murray

Tennis is a sport that made players like a family every player cares about his friend or rival

After The new surgery, Andy Murray made in his hip this week in hopes to get better to play more Tennis,

Read Andy Murray makes a new hip surgery

Many players wished Murray a speed recovery, but the cuttest one was from the Swiss man

Stan Wawrinka who sent him a cute bear expressing his feelings to Andy,

Andy posted that on his Facebook saying it was a huge gift from him, and a funny comments

that Andy’s kids will be fighting over this when he gets home,

Stan Wawrinka also Responded to Andy on Instagram as He said that

” if you don’t want any fight with your kids at home I can send you this one also “

As We can see the big respect and love between the players It’s really something

cool to see nowadays, and Can not wait to see Andy and Stan getting back to the game

healthy and with big level so they return to their real place.


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