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Toni Nadal ” I was lucky to have a good player”

Toni Nadal " I was lucky to have a good player"
Written by Tennis Shot

Rafael Nadal is not just player who should be proud about himself and his fans but his uncle and coach

Toni Nadal as He said that clearly He was luck to have a good player [Nadal],

as they spent the most times on the tour together and achieved many records to be in top

“The first is that I’m Rafa Nadal’s uncle, The second is that I was lucky enough to have a good player.”

” and I was the cheapest coach” Toni joked

Rafa has now another coach who’s Carlos Moya, this last named Rafa as perfectionist

for what He makes He mentioned that it’s same for Rafa the same pressure in practice and in matches

“He puts lots of pressure on himself, even in practice, He is a perfectionist, and wants to do everything

just right. But it’s very difficult to be 100 percent every day – especially as he’s 32. He has to take it

easier and be ready for the big matches. On the day of the match, there’s nothing you’re going to improve. It’s all done.

“It’s like when you have an exam, and you prepare for that but you don’t study on the day

of the exam itself, which for us is the big match. .” Moya said

Rafael is already started his preparation for Clay season especially his favourite 1st master in clay

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