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This is why Roger Federer is still playing

Roger Federer singing for fans in the Australian Open 2019
When will Roger Federer retire? The question that had been asking for more than 4 years.

Roger Federer had been questionned so many times about when

He’ll retire in 2011 they said He’s done He’ll retire this years then

He came up with a title in Wimbledon the next year.

in 2013 which was not a good season they said this is it no more

from Roger then He came up with high game improvement,

and comes 2016 with the knee injury and thne they said this is the end,

and also came up with a phenomenal season when He won 2 slams and 3 masters.

Now We should replace the question of ” When will He retire

” to ” What makes him stronger than before”

“I see these most amazing … get to meet crazy, cool people, amazing fans,

the support I have around the world, I get to experience this life that

is just really surreal.”I don’t know what it is if it’s geometry of the flight

of the ball, or what a drop shot can do with the spins, and being

with my team and trying to still be better at 37.

“All these things are really exciting to me. It’s a mixture of everything

why I’m still playing tennis today.”

The video is a big proof how much people love this man, and how

He reacts to them it is more than just a game, that’s what We can call the people’s champion.

After what the 20 Grand Slam winner said We can conclude that

the power of Roger Federer is his fans and the way people love

him from that it’s clear that He’s playing for them.

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