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This is what Roger Federer told Uniqlo about Outfits

This is what Roger Federer told Uniqlo about Outfits
This is what Roger Federer told Uniqlo about Outfits

Roger’s changing shirts during matches story had just been finished after Australian Open

In a conversation of The great Roger Federer with Adam Scott the golf player

because of both players are sponsored by Uniqlo for their outfits they exchanged

the words talking about the materiel and what should be and what shouldn’t

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“They obviously have the materials that Kei Nishikori has used as well. I know we jump into

the past but they want to do extra special things for me as well, to make sure I have the right product.

And sometimes what works for them doesn’t work for me, So I’m just also going through a lot of testing

in terms of materials and then in terms of designs. We’re just talking to see where do we wear

what and what could we do, what fun things could we do outside the box.”

Roger admitted He’s interested in design and drove Uniqlo to change his outfit from a T-Shirt

usual materiel to a Polo shirt, and this was clear after the Australian Open Roger wore Polo shirt and short

which looked much more comfortable on him.

We can remember how many times Roger changed the shirt during his matches from wimbledon

untill the AusOpen which was never okay for him.

“I love working on details as well, Because how many times can you rework a polo or T-shirt? So I think

sometimes you’ve got to be really creative with the details. There you can have a lot of impact,

so I really try my most there to try to inspire.” Roger said

You can see in the picture below how Roger was suffering with the shirts when playing the matches

Especialy the US Open last year when there was a big humidity Roger changed the shirt many times.

Roger changing his shirts durign matches / picture by :


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