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This is What Roger Federer said about Ranking and Grand Slam

This is What Roger Federer said about Ranking and Grand Slam

Roger Federer is no longer thinking about chasing the 1st Ranking and prefer to focus at Grand Slam Tournaments

After the launch of Laver Cup Roger Federer talked to the media in Geneva about some important

things in his future in Tennis, The Swiss told the media that He’s not chasing the Top Ranking,

at the 37 years old He believes it’s better for him to focus on the tournaments than battling Nadal & Djokovic for the ranking

The 20 Grand Slam Winner said that the ranking is not his priority any more

“For me, the ranking at the age of 37 years old is no longer really the priority,”

what’s more important for Roger now is to be in good health to play better Tennis

and to be able to beat his biggest rivals Nadal and Novak,

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“But the idea for me is to be in good health, to know that I can win tournaments,

to know that I can beat them (Novak and Rafa), and after that, it is a pleasure.”

“As soon as you feel that you have no chance and all, then it’s a problem. Even if my ranking

goes down further, it’s not a problem for me. As long as I say I can win a Grand Slam as

I did two years ago with a world ranking of 17, everything is in place. I prefer to be

ranked 17th than third and not win a Grand Slam or tournament.”

Roger Federer explained perfectly that even if his ranking went down it’s not a problem for him

as many people said that He should retire at top of ranking, now He’s confirming the opposite of that,

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Roger about Dubai,

He’s planning to play Dubai this month and the First two ATP Masters of the year Indian Wells & Miami in March

so far He didn’t select which tournament He wants to participate in before the French Open

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