This is what Roger Federer said about facing Nadal in Roland Garros SF

Roger Federer will face Rafael Nadal in the S-Finals for a place in the Final this Friday

It’s the second time both players will face each other in the S-Finals after 2005 which

a phenomenal match and Rafa took it in 4 sets with score of 6-3 4-6 6-4 6-3

This time everything is different and Federer is coming back strong to face his career opponent

for a hope to beat him the first time in Roland Garros to make a revenge of Wimbledon defeat

Federer admitted He came back to Clay to face Nadal and not to avoid him, a target for him

read Rafael Nadal “I’m satisfied”

“Hmm… the next opponent is ok, He knows how to play on clay, unfortunately.”

“Thinking back, what a pleasure to be back at Roland-Garros. If I came back on clay, it’s also perhaps

to play Rafa. Here it is. I have a match. When I came back to playing clay, I knew I’d face him at some

the point on the way to the end of the tournament because he’s that strong. I never came back to clay

hoping to avoid him, but hoping to face him, because the road to victory goes through him” Federer said.

It’s battle will take place on Friday, all eyes are on the match and what Roger Federer able to do.

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