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This is what Paganini said about Federer’s Fitness for Clay

This is what Paganini said about Federer's Fitness for Clay
This is what Paganini said about Federer's Fitness for Clay

Pierre Paganini the longtime fitness coach of Federer showed emotion after 20 years of partnership

Roger Federer’s fitness coach Paganini reveals his emotion on the way how Federer deal with

injuries through all the 20 years as He did not suffer many serious injuries, He faced back pain for long

but He could deal with it perfectly, the durability of Federer and the great comeback of 2017

had a big part in Paganini efforts with Roger as He prepared him in very good conditions

in interview with swiss publication He had been asked how his emotions react when He sees Federer

entering the court in better fitness and answered that He’s happy for him and to be healthy

“Sure, when he reaches his calf, I hope right away that a mosquito stung him and did not pinch a muscle.

“In general, however, everyone who supports Roger feels the same.

“Happiness when he plays and nervousness that everything is going well”

“We, who work with him, also know what’s going on behind the scenes.

“We’ll see right away if he’s having a great day, or just moderate or difficult.

“Based on this information, we often react even more sensitively.”

For the Clay season Paganini mentioned that there are no worries about Roger for the clay

and they prepared very well for the clay surface

“He was rarely injured in the course of his career and in principle no more often on a certain surface.

“It is important when changing surface to quickly adjust to something new in your head, so you have

the right reflexes in the implementation. Luckily, that’s one of Roger’s most underrated qualities.

“His adaptability is fascinating. If I create a different session in training, he will find the optimal version

within a few seconds. I do not just want to be nice with him, but he’s also intelligent. Roger is much

more strategic than you think. His playing style is very spontaneous, but he always thinks one step ahead.”