This is what Novak Djokovic said after Winning 7th AusOpen

This is what Novak Djokovic said after Winning 7th AusOpen
This is what Novak Djokovic said after Winning 7th AusOpen

After what Novak Djokovic achieved with winning his 7th AusOpen title and the title number 15 in his career in Grand Slam

The Serbian was very happy as the tears came from his eyes and also He remembered

last year at this moment he was suffering from the elbow injury and could not complet

many things He wanted to do, He was not sure even to play some big tournaments

but that ended up with winning the last 3 slams which is a very big record only big players can do

” I’ve to think about the journey of the last 12 months because just as Rafael has been through a surgery,

I’ve had an injury myself the last couple of years,”

“I had the surgery exactly 1 year ago. And now to be standing here in front of you today,

and winning the last three slams, is truly something amazing” Djoko added

Novak was thankful to his coach Marian Vajda for coming back to his team as He left

when Boris Becker was his coach

Novak would never forget his family as He mentioned his wife and child that they would watch him with a joke

“I hope they’ve been watching – at least before the match they said they’d watch,” Djoko joked.

“Trophies are more special when I have someone so dear and close, so special in my life

to share this with them. They are my dearest people on this planet next to my two brothers and my parents”

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Novak Djokovic now has won 13/16 Matches against Rafa in the percentage of 81.25% of winning

for The Serbian for the last 16 matches , the last who hasn’t beaten Novak on hard

courts since the US Open final in 2013, and leads teh H2H for 28 to 25 in the 53 meetings between them

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