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This is What Federer said about saving 2 Match Points

This is What Roger Federer said about saving 2 Match Points
This is What Roger Federer said about saving 2 Match Points

After defeating Gael Monfils in epic match Roger Federer reveals his feelings during the match

Although winning the first set with 6-0 Roger Federer mentioned that He was not feeling confident

besides that, The Swiss praised Monfils for coming back even after losing a bagel

“I think Gael did a nice job of not being frustrated after losing the first set and he learned from yesterday

when he also lost the first set 6-1, So I think that helped him to stay calm.

“I tried to keep it going but it was difficult. I had a tough run of losing five games in a row at the end

of the second set and the start of the third. Going down 3-0 and 4-1, it wasn’t looking good for a while but

I hung in there like he did and it got decided in a tiebreaker. It was a highly stressful moment for me but

I played a great tiebreaker, served well and mixed it up nicely so I’m very excited I was able to

come through the match somehow.” Federer said

Roger Federer saved two match points with dramatic way to equal the score before a critical Tiebreak

in the 2 saved match points, Roger said He was not so confident to play them from Baseline

which lead him to make volleys in the most important points of the match.

“I just felt not so confident to win the point from the baseline, so I said panic mode is switched on

and we are coming in, Regardless of how and what and when there were no more tactics except

to serve it to the forehand to mix it up and you go to the net as quick as possible so you are as

close as possible and I framed the first volley, which ended up being perfect.” Federer explained with a smile

After this big win Roger Federer becomes the 2nd Player in the Open Era to reach 1200 wins

just after Jimmy Connors with 74 wins only,

Roger Federer