Switzerland honored Roger Federer with a commemorative coin

Roger Federer honored by Switzerland with a commemorative coin

The Swiss legend becomes the first living person in Switzerland to be honored with a coin,

With his Tennis records and countless achievements, besides the help of other help,

Roger Federer is the greatest ambassador of Switzerland and for that they honored him.

The coin will be the 20 Swiss francs silver next January to celebrate it.

The Swissmint spokesperson mentioned that Roger Federer earned this honor himself with his achievements.

Switzerland honored Roger Federer with a commemorative coin
Switzerland honored Roger Federer with a commemorative coin

“Roger Federer’s sporting achievements, his charitable commitments, his easy-going nature”

“and his accessibility to his fans has prompted Swissmint to dedicate this 20-franc silver coin to him – the first time it has done so with a living person,”

Switzerland will make 55,000 coins in a picture of Roger Federer hitting the backhand,

and it will be pre-order from December until the 19th of the same month.

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In May, Swissmint will also make a 50 franc gold coin for Federer’s career.

Roger Federer tweeted: “Thank you Switzerland and Swissmint for this incredible honor and privilege.”

Swiss Martina Hingis mentioned that the coins would be released early this year,

but they waited until getting a kind of revenge from Djokovic and after He did that they released it.

“It’s been two years, He must still think about it sometimes, I would. Probably.

“No, he’s had his revenge kind of now, he still sort of knows he can maybe beat him.