Serena Williams “I played the match of my career against Federer “

Serena Williams the super women who has 23 Grand Slam single Title which is a big number

was so impressed playing the mixed doubles against the other super

man Roger Federer in the Hopman Cup .

Serena from the comments She left was so happy with the match

“I was so excited, and literally it was the match of my career,”

“Just playing someone so great, and someone you admire so much,

and a match that actually means something – it’s not often that happens.

“It was really cool to play someone still in their prime, like me, both in our primes. I’m kind of sad it’s over.”

And from the other side We can see that the great Roger Federer

is also Happy with the match

“I was nervous returning (her serve) because you just don’t know,”

“People talk about her serve so much and I see why – it is such a wonderful serve

because you just can’t read it, you don’t see until the very end.

“It was great great fun. She is a great champion and you

see how focused and determined she is and I love that about her.”

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