Rome President hopes for Roger Federer to play Rome

Rome President is still hoping that Roger Federer will play the tournament next month

The important of Roger Federer in every tournament is very clear, and all tournaments

presidents hope that Roger is playing their tournament because of the number of fans

and the media lights will be extremely high.

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Roger’s first appearance on Clay will be in Madrid since his lost in 2016 match in Rome

If Roger faced an early exit from Madrid then Rome will have a big chance for Roger to play it

if He’s looking for more matches on Clay before the big even in Paris

“We keep our fingers crossed, This is the only big tournament that Federer has not won. And we would be

delighted to have him here again even though the spectator record in 2017 was broken without him.” Rome president said

Roger will not be playing Monte Carlo which takes place this Sunday, and his first appearance

will be in Madrid which will take place in 05 May.

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