Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal – Match Facts

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal - Match Facts
Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal - Match Facts

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal is a story of Tennis that will be marked in

the history wherever you go, you just need to ask about Tennis then you

will find the answer is RogerFederer and Rafael Nadal these guys make

Tennis the 2nd popular sport in the world just after right FootBall.

what an achievement, that wouldn’t happen without the work of both of them.

a fact all must know is Federer completed Nadal, and Nadal completed Federer

both players admitted that in many places that because of his rival He’s what He is now

Respect, Fight and excitement that how Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal matches are.

This time they’re playing in the Semi-Finals of Roland Garros aiming to take a place in the Final

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Here are some facts between the players who have a nickname of “FeDaL”

– It’s their 1st meeting in Roland Garros Semi-finals in 14 years

– Nadal and Federer have met 15 times on clay (Rafa leads 13-2)

– This match is the 39th meeting between them

– This is the 13th time they meet in Grand Slam (Nadal leads 9-3)

– Nadal and Federer have met in 9 semi-finals (Rafa leads 6-3)

– Who wins Friday match will be World N 2 and the loser will be World N 3 on Monday

– This is the 6th time they meet in Roland Garros ( Nadal leads 5-0 )

– both players met in Clay Finals 15th times (Nadal leads 11–2)

– The last meeting in Roland Garros between them was in the final in 2011

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Grand Slam Comparison of Federer and Nadal

 Australian Open61
 French Open111
 US Open53
Total Count