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Roger Federer ” Tsitsipas could be my son “

Roger Federer could take his win over Tsitsipas today in Hopman Cup with score of 7-6 / 7-6

but The Swiss man was impressed by what The Greece young did and here is what Roger said about him

“He could be my son, He did a nice job. I think we both played well without too many mistakes.”

“I learned about his game. From my game, I didn’t learn anything.

“For me, it’s about maintaining a good level of play. I’m happy where my game is at. And I was impressed with what I saw from Stefan.”

“I don’t like to put pressure on guys and call them out and say ‘watch out for him’ and then he’s got to be under that weight for the rest of his career,”

“I can only judge from this year what he did and what I saw looked very nice, so I think he’s going to be a top player for many years to come.”

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