Roger Federer trolls Djokovic Fan

After the code violation Roger Federer got in his match against Monfils He trolled a Djokovic fan on Twitter

in early 3rd set Federer as broken by 2-0 as He smashed a ball out of the staduim

for that He got a code violation ball abuse from the umpire besides some
whistled crowd

After the Match Roger Federer posted a tweet on Twitter saying “Bang, see you later.”

then a Djokovic fan came saying “Seriously after he smacked a ball into the crowd and got a violation?

and then comes a great respond from Federer trolling the fan

Roger Federer

The comment was in Roger’s eye and could reply to this Tweet by a winking “It went out of the stadium FYI, just to be sure.”

It’s clear why Roger Federer is the big ambassador of Tennis such a gentleman.