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Roger Federer talks about Indian Wells Final

All Tennis Fans waited for the Classico but NOT Happened due to Rafa’s Knee injury

Rafael Nadal forced to withdraw from the match because of his Knee injury for that Roger talked

about the match and Rafa in general and He’s hoping for more matches with him in future events

Read what nadal said about his Knee Breaking: Nadal withdraws from Indian Wells & Roger to the Final

“We’ve had so many epic battles and I know every match we have now could be our last.

Was this our chance for the last one? I really hope not, I believe at the level he’s playing and that

I’m still going at, there’s going to be more. But if we keep staying up high in the [ATP Rankings],

it’s more of a challenge to get to each other in the draw as well.”

Roger will face Dominic Thiem who is playing an incredible tournament and won in epic match

with Milos Raonic in the semi-finals as He won the match in 3 sets,

The Swiss mentioned that Thiem is playing well and fans should expect beautiful points in the final

“He’s playing very well, using the kick serve very effectively, after watching the final set of Thiem’s

semifinal win. The spins bounce up high in the desert air and he is one of the fittest guys out

there who can hit balls hard. This surface suits his game. I hope I can play aggressive tennis against

him. I think we’ll see interesting points tomorrow.”

with all of the great run Roger had since Dubai He’s happy that He’s healthy and enjoying with his Family

“I’ve hit so much the last few weeks that I’m happy to save my knees for my body, to be honest,

We don’t have much time off, so when you do get an afternoon off, you put your feet up, take a

massage and spend some time with the family. It’s a big final for me, especially after

the tough loss last year…but I’m feeling good and ready to go.” Roger said with laugh

So that’s it Roger Federer Vs Dominic Thiem at 10:30 pm GMT,


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